Flashback: Charles Schulz’ hometown paper, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat, re-runs Peanuts strips. Today’s features grandma’s stocking gift of apples and oranges. I’m pretty certain few today would remember how big a deal that could have been.

Our Gramma Marvin told us their big houseful of kids in central New York state, when she was young, looked forward with excitement to the orange in the stocking. It was a once-a-year celebration of a luxury. Eh? You mean it cost so much?

You betcha. Yesterday I was telling an inquirer about how our local deli offers real Italian water-buffalo milk mozzarella, flown in fresh daily. That’s done these days. No such possibility of getting decent oranges in rural New York any time, especially in winter, in Gramma’s day.

I suppose I’m writing about valuing “little things.” But that was not little!