New column, Catchwords


They strike my eye and ear, suggesting perspectives on topics I study. I wonder if media, and public-policy advocates, will develop them into compelling stories.

. . adidas ultra boost 3 0 triple grey cg3041 shoe engine . custodia fronte retro iphone 8 plus “LIBERAL BIAS” IN PUBLIC MEDIA. It’s ironic, and disturbing, that Fox News still gets away with claiming to be “fair and balanced,” which it far too often is not . . qualita garanzia wx76291 nike air max 90 scarpe da ginnastica donna . while National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System have for so long been threatened with de-funding because of an alleged “liberal bias.”

Public radio and television are forced into what may look like advocacy journalism because they do in fact give a good deal of time to liberal concerns. Like MSNBC prime-time programming, NPR and PBS air perspectives—and facts—the public otherwise can’t hear or read, except for people like myself who scour several media daily to collect stories that look insignificant until combined by media staffs like Rachel Maddow’s (MSNBC). Academics know this, but the general public doesn’t. That story needs to be told much more than it is.

. . custodia iphone 7 plus a portafoglio . custodia puro iphone 7 plus SOCIAL MEDIA. The New York Times (March 11, 2011) offered Nicholas Wade’s observation that now anthropologists believe humans moved away from the apes as groups of humans became “more cooperative and willing to learn from one another than [did] the chimpanzees.” Living hunter-gatherers demonstrate this but we just hadn’t noticed.

My studies of emerging media likewise show this kind of evolutionary development. It is widely feared that young people everywhere—and many of their elders—happily turn their backs on traditional authority: will this lead to chaos? To the extent that we fail to set our antennae to pick up positive aspects of people choosing (and often changing) their own sources of authority and wisdom, we fail to encourage hope in our current society.

. . custodia iphone 7 plus union jack . ISLAM, TERRORISM. I note a great many trenchant expressions of sanity regarding the way Americans passively let Islamophobes shamefully terrorize peace-loving, faithful Muslims by associating “Islam” with “terrorism.”

Alessandra Stanley, in a front-page “TV Watch” article in The New York Times (March 11, 2011), wrote about Rep. Peter King’s Congressional hearings on terrorism: “Republicans accused Democrats of sacrificing security and common sense to political correctness. . nike zoom all out low 2 m pas cher chaussures homme running route . . blu rosso scarpe natalizie asics tiger gel lyte iii 96 scarpe Democrats accused Republicans of singling out Muslims and of discounting non-Muslim acts of terrorism, including hate crimes by white supremacists.

“The debate wasn’t simply about civil rights versus national security; it was about legitimacy and identity. And the confrontations were at times so visceral that they eclipsed the subject of terrorism.”

. . . adidas stan smith runwht fairwa footshop custodia 360 iphone 5s dura OBAMA, LEADERSHIP. A front-page news analysis (The New York Times, March 11, 2011) of the President’s leadership style—under strong criticism from advocates of muscular American policy—sees Obama “leaning away from idealism” to “pragmatic emphasis for Obama in Mideast.” Critics call for a parallel to Reagan’s forceful challenge to the Russians to “Take down that wall!” wrote Mark Landler and Helene Cooper.

Fortunately, still on the front page above the fold, the analysis cited Benjamin J. custodia iphone se semi pelle Rhodes, deputy national security advisor: “It’s tempting, and it would be easy, to go out day after day with cathartic statements that make us feel good. But ultimately, what’s most important is achieving outcomes that are consistent with our values, because if we don’t, those statements will be long forgotten.” Mr. Rhodes “wrote Mr. Obama’s soaring speech in Cairo to the Islamic world in 2009.”

. . custodia calzino iphone 6 . PRINCIPLED GOVERNING. jordan 7 homme nike air jordan 7 blanche et bleu homme nike jordan Carla Marinucci, political writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, shone a helpful light on California’s Gov. Jerry Brown (March 11, 2011). I don’t know if her work is syndicated, but I hope the piece will get a reading beyond Northern California.

Brown, once a Jesuit seminarian, always one who can explain views and actions in a sound theoretical framework, “for decades” has been strategically guided by “a slim, 2,500-year-old volume, The Art of War, by Chinese general Sun Tzu, Marinucci revealed, quoting a number of the military philosopher’s principles. One is, “If you know both yourself and your enemy, you can win a hundred battles without a single loss.”

Brown’s battle right now is for a handful of Republican legislators to join with most of the Democratic majority in Sacramento in order to radically overhaul California’s finances.