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“Do-nothing” administration?

Democrats long have contended that ever since the Gingrich Contract with America, intentionally lax regulations on big business and banks have needed beefing up. Oversight regulations have been abandoned rather than followed far too much of the time. Democrats vowed to keep that on a Presidential plate that many called “too full.” And they vowed to write even tougher regulations across a wide span.

They’ve been doing it. Today’s rebuttal to Republican triumphalistic claims that nothing’s being done by Democrats is in The Wall Street Journal (6 October 2010, B1). Josh Mitchell writes about stiff new tests for auto safety: “Transportation Department officials said the old system had become obsolete.”

Mitchell acknowledges that the Bush administration began the push for tougher tests and scoring in 2008. But it’s actually happening now. The automotive industry, always worried about sales, certainly seems to have more to worry about now than under Republicans. consumer protection, progressive action, examples.