NRA’s LaPierre blisters the phone wire

The phone rang. Technically, it wasn’t a robocall: in due time, a live
person asked me to wait for a recorded message from the head of the US
National Rife Association.

I’m studying the reaction of one high-profile answer to the United Church of
Christ Office of Communication, Inc.’s, announced opposition to hate crimes
and hate speech in the United States (I’ll write about this soon). So I
thought, this fits my work.

Well. Mr. LaPierre unleashed a lengthy diatribe against the United Nations,
gun-haters in Congress, Hillary Clinton and third-world dictators poised to
grab our freedom via a planned action by the United Nations to outlaw guns
world wide.

Ten or twelve seconds after he finished, another live aide came on the phone
to ask if the message against all these freedom-haters had come through, and
I said yes, and that I could hardly believe I’d listened to all of it because of
its hate-mongering content.

I identified myself as a foe of NRA and a strong supporter of the UN and of
Hillary Clinton. I said I could not in any way answer the single question
that had been posed. Its intent was to get me to say how I feel about the
proposed UN action. But the words conveyed only hatred and fear. I said it
was a lousy question and I would not answer; but I did, as I said above,
indicate my own values in just a few words.

I was wished a good day. All told, it is good, because I got to talk
directly to aides of a person and an organization that are in need of deep

There will be some reading my note here, or hearing about it, who may think
I was just countering hatred with hatred. I hope not. My language was at
least moderate.

Bob Cramer, 10 November 20009.