Journal’s moderate liberal columnist, Thomas Frank, lays it on the line about Fox News

I wonder how long The Wall Street Journal’s window-dressing opinion columnist, Thomas Frank (“The Tilting Yard”), a truly “fair and balanced” voice as I believe Fox News is not . . . can last in his job.

On October 28, 2009, Frank fearlessly took on Fox News cable television, owned and controlled by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns and controls The Journal.

“Obama is right about Fox News,” Frank’s piece proclaimed in the staff-produced headline, “but the criticism was clumsy.”

Totally right on both counts.

Frank rehearsed journalism practice since the Nixon era in a manner not only forceful but, er, frank — and totally unambiguous. Mr. Murdoch would do well to keep Mr. Frank on his payroll, just as The New York Times
exhibits its own balancing acts against its more-often liberal columnists.

I’m not calling Frank liberal any more than I’d call David Brooks conservative. The label applies in each case only with a modifier — but I cannot think of a really accurate one for either. So let’s go with moderate, in some sense long lost in our super-partisan culture.

Rodney King invades my memory as I write — pleading, in East Los Angeles after his brutally senseless treatment there, for us all to just get along. —Bob Cramer.