I believe progressive leaders lead us ALL to lead: that’s God at work

I believe progressive leaders lead us all to lead, and that’s God at work.

Government, and our Head of Government, Barack Obama, are generating hot criticism for “not doing” stuff we expect government to do for us.

With Jesus, we’d do well to watch for something new not just from Congress or a President but for a restoration of energy and enterprise from citizens. custodia iphone 6 stelle

I believe Obama, and many in his administration, while pushing for government action on many fronts, couple liberal belief in government for the people with excitement that people can generate for ourselves. Arne Duncan, for instance, who is Obama’s education chief, does pioneering work to establish national standards for education. At the same time, both he and the President have their eyes open to see where unleashing self-governing innovation stands ready to occur.

Bob Herbert writes about this in today’s The New York Times (5 December 2009). And my perspective on this story is that the God of Jesus, the God of Love, is clearly at work at Harvard University, America’s first college, established by liberal Christians.

Everyone seems to recognize a deep need in America for top-quality educators. base grip custodia iphone x Harvard thinks a new degree, Ed.L.D., meaning doctorate in educational leadership, is needed and is possible. But many of our brightest and best can’t afford such a degree.

Okay. The Wallace Foundation is teaming with Harvard to offer the Ed.L.D. custodia iphone 8 nike without tuition. custodia iphone 7 uomo The first two years will find the initial 25 candidates on campus. custodia iphone se pelle vera In their third year, those students will be given “field placement.” They won’t write an academic dissertation. They’ll actually lead education-reform projects.

I don’t say the God of Love isn’t at work within Congress and the White House. I do think we need to develop better skills, as I believe President Obama has, in seeing leadership encouraged and developed altruistically by the people who actually govern – our citizens.

I see Obama as community organizer in chief, developing that model in all of us. We do not need to have government doing for us except where non-humanistic forces hold us back.

I hope history proves me right. But actually what I see right now tells me I’m right, now.