Greening America, honoring Creation — when the rubber hits the . . . rubber in the road

Landslides are going to keep happening on a certain stretch of US Highway 101 in northern California. Nearly complete is a bypass involving a new bridge over a dry riverbed. The river floods often, and I’m hoping they made the new bypass high enough! We’ll see.

When you talk or write about recycling, green enterprises and God’s creation of human creativity which is so often needed as we deal with certain facts of life, like landslides and flooding, you can cite a specific example of a solution.

The Santa Rosa, California Press Democrat on July 31, 2009 reported: “All that remains is raising a section of roadbed at the northern end of the bypass, [an official] said. Caltrans [the California Department of Transportation] is using fill that includes 333,000 old tires that have been ground up and mixed into an asphalt-like solution, he said.”