Walking in another’s shoes — here are a few words that say it all

Roger Cohen manages to touch hearts in this morning’s The Wall Street Journal (27 June 2009).

It’s been hard enough for women in Iran to get full recognition as human beings when addressing politicians. It seems harder still, Cohen notes, for them to get the attention of the nation’s male folk.

And I think the story he tells at the end of an article about all this should even touch heartstrings elsewhere in the world. Here’s one of the best values-PR examples I’ve seen.

“I asked one woman about her fears,” Cohen writes from Tehran.

“She said sometimes she imagines an earthquake in Tehran. She dashes out but forgets her hajib.

“She stands in the ruins, hair loose and paralyzed, awaiting her punishment.

“And she looked at me wide-eyed as if to say: ‘do you understand, does the world understand our desperation?'”