Factoids emerging from the eclectic media mix that sustains me: maybe some will grab you, too

CBS TV’s Sixty Minutes on July 27 showcased Bruce Springsteen, an almost-resurrection experience, one might say.

Resurrection implies transformation, so I should not have been surprised to learn that he is rooted in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Asbury Park, eons ago, was Blue on Sundays. That is, no motor traffic and lots and lots of doing church.

It was a Methodist oasis. I suppose it’s not, now. And from the TV program I learned more than I’d known before about Springsteen’s strong rooting in the kind of deep humanistic and democratic values that I’ve always held. I wonder if he’s on Obama’s short list for veep.

–Also on Sixty Minutes July 27: There’s more computing power in your average cell phone than in any of the vehicles aiming to put humans on the moon some 40 years ago. CBS made a nice argument for new moon programs as a practical step toward the romantic goal of humans on Mars.

–In the history of the western world, according to Prof. Bart D. Ehrman, the single most important institution of any kind — religious, economic, social or cultural — has been the Christian church.

This has been true from late antiquity into modern times, Ehrman says, in his The Learning Company course, From Jesus to Constantine, introduced in 2004 and still available on DVD. –Bob Cramer.