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Sequoia Interreligious News Magazine online

For many, many years I have been one of a handful of people respected
enough to have become advisors to a once-official, now-voluntary and
independent interreligious and progressive news journal, Sequoia, out of
the Bay Area in northern California.

From 1982 onward, which is when I began publishing online intelligence
newsletters on NewsNet (1,000 cutting-edge publications used by
researchers; I was the religion-and-society publisher), I urged Sequoia to
go online. For one reason and another, it just wasn’t possible.

Well, now, paper publishing is too costly. Online publishing not only
costs less — it’s interactive if the publishers are heads-up enough to
want it to be so.

Under Bob Forsberg and Diana Ware, Sequoia has now gotten started, if
slowly, online. It is solidly progressively Christian and interfaith. The
online version will be quite interactive when the bugs are worked out.
Niche publications are in, mass media are in a lot of trouble. You help
Sequoia when you help yourself to its honest reporting. Do go to to get in on all this, and contribute. Be
patient. Bob Forsberg is a brilliant academic, retired, with the guts to
learn blogging and he will reward your patience. Bob Cramer.