Quo vadis IDOC???

__IDOC’s telephone is disconnected.__ Its long-time office at the top of the
office wing in La Chiesa de Sant’ Agata in Agone, Piazza Navona, in Rome,
has been vacated. The reception desk has no record of its whereabouts. The
IDOC website remains but obviously is out of date. Heinz Hunke’s personal
email address may or may not still work; I didn’t try it.

IDOC and WACC, the World Association for Christian Communication in
London, for whom I was an early Information Officer, both have downsized
radically due to lack of interest on the part of North American and German
churches. I know the fact is that money is tight, but there never was much
interest, in either group, on the part of the first world churches, as I
recall. Money must go to the few most important mission endeavors. Yes.

Well, WACC especially, and IDOC up to now, have both narrowed into an
exceptionally significant arena — stirring up, and maintaining, deep
interest, on the part of the first world, in issues of social justice,
particularly in the third world, and particularly in the matter of
equality of access to media that can make a real impact. It is their own voices that must be heard. Our job is facilitation and support.

WACC has been doing a fantastic job of that. I more than satisfied myself
about that, in London. Randy Naylor, WACC general secretary, is as
committed as ever to helping those of us who have voices also be
increasingly effective as facilitators so that the voiceless may have
voices, authentically in their own terms, on the global stage.

I want to be able to do something that can further WACC’s efforts, at
least, in North America, at least, in the dozen years I might still have
for drawing breath. So even if IDOC doesn’t work out for me and for you —
and still it might — there is WACC, struggling for support from churches
but getting support only from international secular agencies that share a
concern that ought also and particularly to be that of churches in the
developed world.

Those justice issues are certainly ones shared as priorities by my own
denomination, the United Church of Christ. The UCC is able to muster
support for justice issues near at hand but they have a kind of
wrong-headed notion that ‘mission’ on a global scale is a bit passe, or
something like that. This could change. How can you help me help? Bob.