California Supremes get immediate hate response from “Christians”

__Anti-gay “Christians” can say what they want–they hate__

Radio reports June 29 said the religious right, and the politicians catering to them, have vowed – in the wake of the California Supreme Court’s ruling that offering same-sex partnership protections isn’t the same as marriage – to change the law on same-sex marriage to include any linking of partnerships that do not involve a man and a woman.

The opposition to the ruling was clear. Gay partnerships are not to have any status at all. The intent of the anti-gay “agenda” is stronger, in my opinion, than the so-called “gay agenda” of liberals, Christians and others. It is not to protect marriage, it is to make sure gays are legally defined pariahs. I call this “hate.” That’s in spite of the oft-invoked mantra, “We don’t hate gays, we hate their sin.” Yeah. Bob Cramer.