www.faithfulamerica.org — GO!



There’s a jungle out there, actually, when it comes to grabbing pointers
to hot-potato topics that need progressive public input. And then there’s
www.faithfulamerica.org . The site is bristling, electric, positively
hopeful at a time when it seems public media cater or cowtow to retro
morality gushing from Christian media and, since their spokespeople
populate media rolodexes, the standard commercial media scene.

FaithfulAmerica is “an online community of people of faith working to
build a more just and compassionate nation. … The more of us there are,
the more impact we can have.” I was pointed to the site by the National
Council of Churches in the USA, which counts Vince Isner and the new
website as inheritors of the NCC gene pool.

FaithfulAmerica seems a bit like a weblog, that is, a networking hub
bristling with links to hot sites keyed to hot news; it also highlights
strategic actions that might breathe new life into the mainstream faith
groups that could learn a lot from the way(s) the Web brought a whole new
dynamic into the recent USA presidential melodrama.

Weblogging is fast gaining wide respectability for what’s being called
citizen journalism. Media are looking to weblogs, some of them anyway, for
leads to follow and to verify. That’s why I am now doing boblog on ecunet,
and why in January www.rfcnews.com will be activated, complete with hot
links to all kinds of resources for you. This citizen journalist adds
perspective and the judgment of a seasoned ecumenical communicator to what
is said, and not said, in media and by the churches. That’s not all I do;
you’ll also find personal journaling and wine and food news there.

But my purpose, now, is to point you to FaithfulAmerica.org and all its
sparkling links. Go!