Angry world: perspectives too little noted

Religion and society

You’ll discover in this new continuing column an obsession with advocacy for people and movements I feel are too little speaking for themselves. Usually that’s because they (we) either are unable to grab handles offered by media, or are unwilling to “stir things up” in church and society more than they already are being kept in play by conservatives who feel as if America is being dragged into hell and, if true, because of liberalism.

Yep, you got it, I’m committed to what are called liberal values in both church and society. That’s definitely counter-cultural, I feel; but it’s true that conservatives feel the same way about themselves.¬†Everyone is hurting.

The liberalism you’ll find celebrated here is in the form of a radical kind of recognition of marks of the God and Kingdom that the radically inclusive Jesus taught and practiced, according to liberal readings of scripture and of the literature and art of the formative centuries of global Christianity and that of other global and powerful religious faiths.

Conservatives often see in my teaching and writing some condemnation of other ways of reading the meaning of Christianity. I condemn only such evidence as I may see that in laws and regulations, for instance, some people are deemed more or less worthy than others, according to “God’s laws according to God’s word.” Laws that exclude benefits to some should not be enacted for all — or, if they are, then certainly not in God’s name. So I do not mean to be anti-conservative, only anti-exclusionary.

This essay may or not be helpful to you, but I want to be clear about my purpose in writing at all.